Unsurpassed security, flexibility and performance

Secure Digital Instrument

Multi-tiered cryptography and off-line security processes create a digital instrument capable of securing a sovereign electronic currency instrument. Digitally, it offers security superior to any paper currency instrument at a fraction of the cost without the environmental impacts of printing, distributing and retiring banknotes.

Hardened and Certified Security

The security hardware is hardened and certified at the highest security level by NIST - FIPS 140-2 Physical Level 4 and ISO - Common Criteria EAL 4+. Cryptographic key and eCurrency supply management is implemented off-line in a customized operating system running on hardware designed to suit the sole purpose of currency management. The procedure has been granted SysTrust certification.

Secure Interoperability

Central Bank digital currency is issued through security procedures and secure hardware provided by eCurrency. This digital currency can be injected into any payment system via a secure API stack. As a trusted payment instrument it is capable of ensuring secure interoperability across multiple interconnected payment systems.

Field Tested to Scale

eCurrency Management System is constructed in a decentralized fashion with hardware accelerated cryptographic operation to scale in high volume digital payment environments, enabling billions of daily transactions. It is designed to meet business continuity requirements in high volume transaction systems, and tested for reliability and scalability.

Trusted Interoperability

The Monarch system, powered by eCurrency, includes an interoperability switch which provides trusted interconnections among participating payment systems. The switch extends the eCurrency trust framework across the multi-provider system through mechanisms such as transaction signatures for non-repudiation, mutual authentication of the providers based on the eCurrency cryptographic hardware, audits and real-time supervision.

Reliable Interoperability

Each operator integrates only once using the eCurrency standards-based API. The Monarch Switch ensures distributed transaction integrity through extensive exception handling, retry mechanisms and two phase commits across the source and destination payment systems. The Monarch system also includes auditing and reconciliation tools making these potentially arduous tasks much easier.

A video introducing eCurrency technology

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