Macroeconomic Policy and DFC Webinar

A webinar presented by the authors of a recent eCurrency publication discusses the implications of a Digital Fiat Currency on macroeconomic policy

Digital Fiat Currency Technology

An animated explainer video introduces the concept of digital fiat currency powered by eCurrency technology

The Modernization of Currency

A video recording of the panel discussion entitled “The Modernization of Currency” at Techonomy 2016 featuring Jonathan Dharmapalan and others

Fiat Currency Can be Virtual Too

A podcast of an interview conducted by Jo Ann Barefoot of Jonathan Dharmapalan discussing the innovation that enables governments to issue digital currency that is sovereign

DFC’s Impact on Financial Inclusion

Jonathan Dharmapalan, CEO of eCurrency speaking at the 7th annual Global Policy Forum

Bloomberg Audio Discussion

Jonathan Dharmapalan discussing technology that allows central banks to issue digital legal tender

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