Central Bank Digital Currency


Secure Central Bank Digital Currency


Inherent trust and transparency of secure digital transactions
Financial Inclusion


Sovereign Central Bank Digital Currency as the instrument of inclusion

Central Bank issued Digital Currency (CBDC)

Central Bank Issued Digital Fiat Currency

Enabling central banks to issue digital fiat currency, the eCurrency technology powers an instrument that has the same legal tender status as banknotes and coins. Digital fiat currency is secure, transparent, and efficient. The digital payment instrument issued by the Central Bank infuses trust in all digital transactions.

eCurrencyTM – Evolution of Currency

Digital transactions require a single form of central bank issued digital fiat currency. The eCurrency approach is vital for central banks to perform their core regulatory and monetary policy roles. eCurrency enables central banks to preserve their charter as the sole issuer of the national currency in the digital realm.

Pioneering Technology

A technology pioneered to enable central banks to issue a secure, efficient and transparent digital fiat currency. Digital fiat currency can only be issued by the central bank using a combination of cutting-edge hardware, software and cryptographic security procedures powered by eCurrency.

Fulfilling a Vision

The vision to empower central banks in the digital economy has been fulfilled by eCurrency. A team of highly skilled scientists and expert technologists has met the exacting standards and requirements, set through ongoing and direct consultation with central banks around the world, for the issuance of digital fiat currency.

Enabling central banks to authorize and issue digital currency

Video of eCurrency CEO explaining the technology and its impact on financial inclusion

Over 450 senior financial inclusion policymakers and regulators, along with leaders from international organizations and the private sector, converged for the 7th annual Global Policy Forum. The distinguished list of attendees was the largest and most diverse the Alliance for Financial Inclusion has ever assembled.
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