Digital Symmetric Core Currency Cryptography - 

       technology enables non-counterfeitable CBDC as a digital bearer instrument which meets the scale, interoperability, instant settlement and other operational and policy requirements for use as legal tender


eCurrency pioneered

Digital Symmetric Core Currency Cryptography (DSC  ) technology for central banks to issue and distribute

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) securely and efficiently


  • Specialized in research, development and implementation of CBDC
  • Worked with central banks to define and build the solution since 2011
  • Continues to provide thought leadership on motivation, design and policy issues driving CBDC adoption
  • Utilizes collaborative and consultative approach

CBDC in the form of a Digital Bearer Instrument​

  • A digital bearer instrument, most cash-like
  • Fully interoperable with existing financial ecosystems
  • Instant settlement with finality
  • Retail, wholesale and cross border use
  • Privacy and security enabled 
  • Most scalable solution

Latest library updates

The Bank of Jamaica has declared CBDC Pilot a success.  In first quarter of 2022 it will begin national rollout of the digital Jamaica dollar. Read
In the ITU Digital Currencies and Financial Inclusion Webinar, Bejoy Das Gupta participates in a discussion on how digital currencies enhance financial inclusion.  Watch
ANZ Bank, one of the 15 finalists in the MAS Global CBDC Challenge has selected eCurrency, among other partners, to develop and showcase the use of digital technologies and CBDC. Watch

Central bank perspectives

International Telecommunications Union
ITU Building.jpg
Insights on Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies Implementation

November 2021

This webinar shared insights into retail CBDC projects that are under way in EU, Jamaica and Sweden. Open

Bank of Jamaica
Bank of Jamaica's CBDC Solution

September 2021

Deputy Governor, Natalie Haynes, describes the steps taken to launch the CBDC pilot project in an op-ed. She details the phases of the procurement process which resulted in the selection of eCurrency as the technology provider. Read
Bank for International Settlements
BIS 2.jpeg
Central bank digital currency: the quest for minimally invasive technology

June 2021

The authors set out the economic and operational requirements for a “minimally invasive” design – one that preserves the private sector’s primary role in retail payments and financial intermediation – for CBDCs and discuss the implications for the underlying technology. 

Available now

eCurrency PoC service 2021.jpg
An increasing number of central banks are undertaking research projects to investigate the possibility of issuing CBDC in the form of digital fiat currency. 
eCurrency is now offering a digital fiat currency proof of concept service to central banks to assess the design, security, resilience, functionality and implications of CBDC.
The proof of concept allows central banks to gain hands-on experience to further its understanding of the possible approaches to issue a digital fiat currency using eCurrency CBDC solution. 

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