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eCurrency Mission

To enable central bank issued digital currency (CBDC), creating an open, inclusive and efficient financial services ecosystem supporting financial inclusion,  and enabling the society for cashless and real time financial transactions


eCurrency pioneered

 technology for central banks to issue and distribute

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) securely and efficiently

  • Specialized in research, development and implementation of CBDC
  • Worked with central banks to define and build the solution since 2011
  • Continues to provide thought leadership on motivation, design and policy issues driving CBDC adoption
  • Utilizes collaborative and consultative approach

CBDC in the form of Digital Fiat Currency​

  • A digital bearer instrument, most cash-like
  • Fully interoperable with existing financial ecosystems
  • Instant settlement with finality
  • Retail, wholesale and cross border use
  • Privacy and security enabled 
  • Most scalable solution

Latest updates

eCurrency news
An interview with Chief Commercial Officer, Lars Arvidsson, on benefits of eCurrency CBDC technology for all in the ecosystem. Read

Available now

An increasing number of central banks are undertaking research projects to investigate the possibility of issuing CBDC in the form of digital fiat currency. 
eCurrency is now offering a digital fiat currency proof of concept service to central banks to assess the design, security, resilience, functionality and implications of CBDC.
The proof of concept allows central banks to gain hands-on experience to further its understanding of the possible approaches to issue a digital fiat currency using eCurrency CBDC solution. 

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