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eCurrency Central Bank Digital Currency Solution

Powering the world's first CBDC legal tender

Technology designed and built specifically to deliver the trust, safety and efficiency emanated from central banks

Financial inclusion
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Digital Symmetric Core Currency Cryptography (DSC3) technology

Operational Today
Secured for the Future


Quantum-resistant cryptography

To provide security for central banks, eCurrency pioneered and operationalized digital symmetric core currency cryptography (DSC3) technology, which ensures the digital instrument contains layers of security to prevent counterfeit, including protection against attacks by quantum computing.


National and instant payment system interoperability

eCurrency CBDC technology offers seamless interoperability with existing wholesale and retail payments infrastructure via bank and non-bank financial intermediaries. It includes a secure, ISO20022-based application programming interface to enable easy integration to existing national and multilateral cross-jurisdiction financial infrastructure.


Privacy protection by design

eCurrency CBDC technology ensures privacy protection. Central banks do not have to access nor retain information about the users of CBDC. The technology and security protocols are built in such a way that the currency is protected without exposing information about the wallet holder. As a result, the central bank can ensure the security of the currency without knowing the identity of the user.

Central bank engagements worldwide

Practical Solutions and Advice from Operational Experience

Image by Ruben Hanssen

A central bank client in Middle East

CBDC and asset tokenisation feasibility study and implementation planning

Image by Brent Ninaber

A central bank client in Africa

CBDC, payment system and application advisory, pilot and general implementation

niagara falls

A G7 country central bank client

Retail CBDC proof of concept for functionality, performance, reliability and security

Richard Byles Governor Bank of Jamaica

Richard Byles
Bank of Jamaica

"eCurrency Mint had demonstrated excellence in creating a new form of money, safely. Even in the selection process of eCurrency, we were rigorous and applied specific standards that had to be met from about 40 applicants. We’re satisfied that we have done our due diligence in that respect."

Industry recognition

Pioneer Dedicated to CBDC Since 2011

Grigory Shiyan

“eCurrency’s unique and mature enterprise-grade CBDC solution could facilitate the next generation of central bank payments and money."


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