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True CBDC Solution

  • Digital fiat currency bearer instrument 
  • Storable and accessible online and offline
  • Open and interoperable with existing financial ecosystems 
  • Instant settlement finality
  • Cryptographically protected against counterfeiting and quantum computing attacks
  • Scalable to tens of millions of transactions per node per day
  • Traceability​ with privacy

DSC   Digital Symmetric Core Currency Cryptography


DSC3 is a central bank security technology for operationalizing CBDC. At its core, DSC3 utilizes symmetric key cryptography along with layers of digital security to ensure that the resultant cryptographic objects, i.e. digital bearer instruments in the form of a cryptogram, are protected from counterfeiting. 
DSC3 supports a two-tier architecture and public-private partnership in which the central bank is the sole issuer of CBDC, while private sector payment networks enable its distribution, storage and transaction.
DSC3 is highly scalable, capable of supporting high volume retail CBDC usage in even the largest economies. It is energy efficient and environmentally ‘green.’ It requires minimal energy for creation, distribution and processing of transactions. 

You will read in this white paper the key characteristics of the DSC3 technology and how it uniquely meets central banks' operational and policy requirements​.

Architected for wholesale, retail and cross-border use

Use cases

Open, programmable, and privacy protected

Solution based on technical and legal requirements for securing critical national systems

  • Layered cryptography with multiple signatures, crypto algorithms, and key lengths
  • Customizable/upgradable security features​
  • Algorithms against quantum computing attack
  • Central bank controlled, micro-segmented security boundary
  • Full lifecycle confidentiality of keys 
  • Threshold cryptography enforces quorum
ISO 20022 based API
For seamless and secure integration with existing and future banking and non-banking e-wallet systems, and national payment switches
Layered programmability
Separation of CBDC object layer and e-wallet application layer programmability ensuring central bank control while encouraging private sector innovation
Privacy by default
Identification and integrity of CBDC objects can be verified without relying on or exposing private information of the transacting parties
Best-in-class technology
eCurrency CBDC solution is built with matured hardware and software components supplied by its world-class business partners
Field production tested
eCurrency CBDC solution has been validated through the full operation lifecycle in multiple commercial production environments

Proven and future-proof

Ready to deploy
CBDC solution is deployable immediately with well defined methodology, tools and resources
Upgradable and extendable
CBDC can be migrated to a new series with upgraded and extended security seamlessly while in-circulation

Unmatched by blockchain, distributed ledger and other technologies

CBDC system for conventional payment and tokenised asset settlement 


The world's only true CBDC solution insurable against cyber attack and digital counterfeit by Swiss Re, the global leading insurance company

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