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DSC3 - Digital Symmetric Core Currency Cryptography

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

DSC3 is a central bank security technology for operationalizing CBDC. At its core, DSC3 utilizes symmetric key cryptography along with layers of digital security to ensure that the resultant cryptographic objects, i.e. digital bearer instruments in the form of a cryptogram, are protected from counterfeiting. It supports a two-tier architecture and public-private partnership in which the central bank is the sole issuer of CBDC, while private sector payment networks enable its distribution, storage and transaction. DSC3 is highly scalable, capable of supporting high volume retail CBDC usage in even the largest economies. It is energy efficient and environmentally ‘green.’ It requires minimal energy for creation, distribution and processing of transactions

DSC3 technology whitepaper 102020_1
Download PDF • 308KB

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