A gateway to the Central Bank digital currency ecosystem

Immediate Interoperability

eCurrency Monarch™ securely connects and cryptographically protects existing payment systems and allows them to interoperate in an open loop payment ecosystem. Each participant operates using eCurrency: a secure store of value and a common unit of account established by the sovereign central bank.

Ease of Implementation

A simple, common eCurrency API is supported through eCurrency Monarch™. Different flavors of the API exist to match the varied needs of different payment system applications. The Monarch™ Switch is an interconnect bus providing the ability for participants to integrate only once and yet have access to all other participating payment systems.

Simplified Operations

Participating payment systems achieve security and transactional integrity across all platforms integrated to the Monarch™ Switch. As a result, technical and financial operations are vastly simplified. For example, characteristics inherent in eCurrency ensure finality of real-time settlement in digital fiat currency: base money issued by the central bank.

Reduced Risk

Enabling CBDC powered by eCurrency Monarch™ gives operators and commercial banks unprecedented security for all executed transactions. The security extends over the entire interoperable ecosystem and is based on the sovereign legal tender issued by the central bank thus reducing the risk of fraud and the systemic risks posed by private forms of digital stored value.

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